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0000089Active Directory IntegrationGeneralpublic2015-10-21 05:362015-10-21 05:36
0000089: Automatic user update resets roles
I have set up role equivalent groups to sync roles with AD groups, and for some of my users I have manually assigned them to extra roles so they have two or three roles.
I am using automatic user update to sync passwords etc. however, when a user logs in the user update resets their role assignment to the equivalent group and wipes the custom-set roles assigned manually after.
This may be a simple change of adding a role to a user instead of setting their role.
1. Log in as AD user to create account with automatic role mapping.
2. As Admin, manually assign more roles to the user so they have two or three roles assigned.
3. Log the user out then back in and see that their roles have been reset to just the synced group from the equivalent group sync.
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